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Download books for the Scottish curriculum in accessible formats - for students who have difficulty reading ordinary printed books.

Accounts are FREE for educators supporting learners in Scotland with a print disability.


Can books be downloaded for ALL students, not just learners with a print disability? Unfortunately, copyright law only allows us to provide accessible copies to learners who are disabled, so please do not share files with other students.

Try contacting the publisher of the textbooks you need because many offer free digital resources. We are investigating what's available from publishers and will share our findings soon.

Books for All learners at home - to provide a book to a parent or learner at home, find the book you want and then use the button to Create a link to share. Send the link to the parent or learner. The link goes directly to the book so they can download the book to their device.

Books are for use by the learner only and must not be shared or made available on the internet etc. Refer to Copyright and regulations to find out what you can and cannot do.

How do I read downloaded books?

You can read our collection of books on a wide variety of software, apps, tablets and smartphones.

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What are my duties under copyright law?

It's a complex area so here we provide you with some guidance and useful links to find out more.

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I can't find the book I need, what next?

There are other voluntary organisations and publicly-funded services offering books.

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