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Hodder Gibson and TeeJay textbooks

We regret that Hodder Gibson and TeeJay textbooks have been temporarily (we hope) removed from the Database at the request of the publisher, following a copyright issue.

Apparently some of their digital files have been found freely available on school websites for anyone to access, which is illegal - books from Books for All can ONLY be given to learners with a Print Disability.

We are working with Hodder Gibson to solve this problem. Hodder Gibson and TeeJay books are still available from RNIB Bookshare. Hodder Gibson will continue supporting students with difficulties accessing ordinary printed texts directly. If you require access to a specific Hodder Gibson, please follow the guidance for access on the Hodder website.

How do I read downloaded books?

You can read our collection of books on a wide variety of software, apps, tablets and smartphones.

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What are my duties under copyright law?

It's a complex area so here we provide you with some guidance and useful links to find out more.

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I can't find the book I need, what next?

There are other voluntary organisations and publicly-funded services offering books.

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