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Books for All provides books in accessible formats for students who have difficulty reading ordinary printed books, including those with dyslexia, who have a physical disability or who are blind or partially sighted.

Some history

In the summer of 2006, CALL Scotland were asked by the Scottish Government to investigate the need for learning resources in accessible formats. This followed a symposium on the topic that CALL Scotland had organised. Their research found that:

The full Books for All Report is available from the Scottish Government website.

The rationale

Most people think of Braille and Large Print when they think of alternative formats but in fact there are many more types of accessible textbooks, workbooks, worksheets, assessment and examination papers and other learning resources.

Similarly, it is commonly assumed that the pupils who need alternative formats are blind and partially sighted. In fact, there are many other groups of disabled pupils who can benefit from learning resources in alternative formats.

Pupils with a print disability would benefit because they: