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Large Print and Braille books are available in some bookshops and retailers and also through organisations like RNIB and the National Blind Children's Society and also from a number of transcription services provided by local authorities in Scotland and the UK. Some publishers also sell books in large print.

The National Blind Children's Society can create and provide books in Adapted Print (i.e. books with a different font/spacing etc for readers with dyslexia/reading difficulties) as well as Large Print. Some local authory services also offer Adapted Print books for readers with dyslexia.

There are very few sources of Symbol-supported Books (books with symbols for those with learning difficulties): some schools and local authority services make them on an ad hoc basis.

Books for All How-To Guides

Provider Description Formats User
Public and school libraries; bookshops; publishers Some public and school libraries have large print books; high street and online retailers also sell some large print books. Large Print Anyone
Local authority Sensory or Visual Impairment Services All local authorities in Scotland have specialist teachers of pupils with sensory impairments; some have transcription services that can create books in alternative formats. Large Print, Braille, Audio Mainly pupils with visual impairment

Access2Books is a Community Interest Project that produces and publishes high quality early years’ books in dual format - giant print (75pt) & braille - with illustrations. The books may be available in your local library - you can check out your local library here.

Large Print 75 pt Tirerias

Braille Grade 1 UEB 

The Books for All Scotland Database The BFAS Database is a joint development between CALL, LTS and Scran. It is available to teachers and staff in Scottish schools via either Scran or Glow login. PDF, LIT, Clicker 5, Audio e.g. MP3, Large Print, PDF, Braille Pupils with print disabilities in Scottish schools
Blind Children UK 

Blind Children UK’s CustomEyes service produces tailor-made large print books for children and young people up to and including age 25 with a visual impairment or Dyslexia, across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. You can choose from almost 4,000 large print books with new titles being added monthly. 

Large Print, Adapted Print
People with visual impairment or dyslexia
RNIB National Library
The RNIB National Library Service is the largest specialist library in the UK for readers with sight loss, with over 40,000 titles.
Braille, Large Print, Audio Anyone with sight loss

RNIB Scotland Transcription Centre
The RNIB Transcription Centre in Glasgow makes books in alternative formats.

Braille, Large Print, Audio

Anyone with sight loss
An online commercial bookshop with over 55,000 titles (mainly fiction) in Large Print.
Large Print, Audio Anyone
Help Me Read
Aileen MacIntyre's company produce symbolised versions of Oxford Reading Books, together with worksheets, communication boards and record sheets. The books are aimed at struggling readers, children with additional support needs, or children with English as a second language.


Widgit Software
Widgit promote and distribute software for creating symbol-supported materials for people with dyslexia or learning difficulties. They also offer hundreds of symbol-supported curriculum resources for different topics, subjects and levels. Some resources are free to download, other packs are sold. 
Symbol-supported Anyone