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Accessible Curriculum Materials for Students with ASN
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Bookbug Video Guides

Bookbug Webinar

This webinar talks you through how to request and download digital copies of the books, as well as demonstrating the PowerPoint and Keynote versions for use on a PC or an iPad. It also shows you how to find the symbolised resources on the website and gives a description of what is available – Go Talk 9+ overlays or low tech printable boards, single message device overlays and Sounding Board app pages for iPad, as well as follow on teaching activities to go with each book. (30 minutes)

Bookbug webinar (32 minutes)

'Using the symbolised story resources' video (7 minutes)

This video demonstrates how to use the story resources for shared reading and commenting on the books, as well as for taking part in the voting process.


'Using the symbolised Teacher Pack activities' video (4 minutes)

This video demonstrates how to use the follow on teaching activities provided for the 3 story books.