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Accessible Curriculum Materials for Students with ASN
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Terms and Conditions

These are accessible digital versions of the printed book. This Accessible Digital Copy is provided to you with permission of the publisher and rightsholders of the printed book. This Accessible Copy is for the personal use of someone who is Print Disabled (due to, for example, visual impairment, dyslexia or physical disability) and is unable to read or access the original printed book.

No other children or young people can use the copy.

All rights to the accessible digital copy are retained by the rightsholders of the printed book. The publisher kindly provided a digital file to CALL Scotland to be adapted for children with a Print Disability who want to take part in the Scottish Children's Book Awards.

If you can read the paper book, buy it.

If an eBook version of the book is available and you can read it, buy the eBook. Click here to check if an eBook version is available.

This accessible digital book is for children who cannot read the paper book because they cannot see very well, or cannot read very well, or cannot physically hold the book or turn the pages.

If your reader cannot access this digital copy you can convert it into another accessible format (for example, paper large print) provided the book is converted in its entirety and that no alterations are made.

The publisher and author(s) have not charged us or you for this digital copy, and so we suggest you buy the paper book or eBook (even if you cannot read it) so that they get a fair income.

The Accessible Digital Copy may not be further copied, nor may it be supplied to any other person, without permission.

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