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Commercial eBook Versions

We provide accessible digital copies of the nine shortlisted books but you can also buy commercial eBook versions of many of the titles. If a commercial eBook versions is available and is accessible to you, you should buy it rather than request one free from us. This means the author and publisher will receive payment for their work.

To help you with this, we have checked which books are available in the various different formats, and listed them below. We've even added links so you can go straight to the supplier to buy the book. 

If you have a Kindle, iPad or Kobo eReader, you may be able to buy an eBook version for your device and use access settings to for example change screen colours, fonts and font sizes. You can also read commercial eBooks on your computer although the eBook reader software has some limitations in terms of accessibility options. There are video guides on how to find commercial eBooks and how to read a Kindle book on your computer, iPad or Kindle.

You should look at the commercial eBooks if you:

  • have a Kindle, iPad, tablet or other eReader;
  • would like to use a different or larger font (you can't change the font on our PDF files);
  • prefer to use accessibiity tools on your device (e.g. VoiceOver on the iPad).

You might find our versions more accessible if you:

  • need an Early Years book that can be accessed with a switch or on an iPad;
  • need a hard copy Large Print version;
  • have reading or visual difficulties and want a book that can be read out using the Scottish Voices;
  • use specialised access methods on a computer (e.g. eye-gaze) as these often work well with adobe Reader and PDFs. 

The Bookbug Picture Book Prize


Amazon Kindle


Eric Makes a Splash

by Emily MacKenzie



One Button Benny

by Alan Windram



I Am Bat

By Morag Hood




Teenage Book Prize


Amazon Kindle


The Extinction Trials

by S.M. Wilson



The Rise of Wolves

By Kerr Thomson



Farewell Tour of a Terminal Optimist

by John Young